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Community-based programs

Open Table conducts weekly workshops and programs dedicated for personal development, ensuring accessibility and community support. We've established an empowerment system that enables individuals to uncover and realize their true potential by offering workshops that delve into their passions and strengths.


Character Building


We envision a world led by leaders with integrity and empathy. That's why we've created the Character Building Bootcamp, a unique journey of self-discovery where participants explore their core values and principles. We know leadership starts with understanding oneself, and our program is designed to nurture these essential leadership qualities.

Leadership Experimental Space

True leadership often emerges through experimentation and learning from experience.  Aspiring leaders are given the freedom to take the initiative, propose ideas, and initiate projects within the community. This hands-on experience allows community  from all walks of life to test their leadership skills in real-world situations.  We match them with like-minded people to experiment their skills in collaborative projects. Within this inclusive environment, individuals are encouraged to step into leadership roles and embark on their personal development journey.


Peer Mentorship


Are you a recent graduate looking to navigate your industry, an aspiring entrepreneur in need of valuable advice, or a proactive individual eager to grow personally and professionally? Join Open Table for a coffee chat with our mentors.


Whether you're seeking career insights, entrepreneurial guidance, or personal development opportunities, Open Table's Peer Mentorship Program is an opportunity designed to connect individuals seeking guidance and mentorship with experienced peers who are open to share their knowledge and insights. 



Creative Space

Open Table facilitates a platform where young creatives shine! We offer a stage for emerging talents to showcase their artistic brilliance. It's not just a stage; it's a creative space for aspiring leaders and talents to build their confidence and lay the foundation for their career and creative dreams. Join us as we celebrate creativity, foster self-expression, and empower the next generation of artistic visionaries.



shared space

We harness the power of skills, expertise, and passion to create meaningful programs and modules that are accessible to our community. We invite our community members to share their expertise, passion and draw from their life experiences as facilitators, moderators, speakers and more. This collaborative approach ensures accessibility and  inclusivity, allowing everyone to contribute and benefit from.

Business meeting in a cafe



At Open Table, we extend our support beyond workshops and programs to offer specialized consultancy services in accounting and design. We understand that pursuing your dreams can sometimes involve navigating complex financial and creative aspects. That's why our dedicated consultancy services are here to provide you with expert guidance and practical solutions. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, an artist, or anyone with a vision, our consultancy services are designed to ease your journey

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